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I really appreciate your recognition of my Inner Bitch.

Kat Prowling
15 March
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Fun Facts About Me
BirthdayIdes of March
BirthplaceStaten Island, NY
Eye ColorBlue
Hair Colorchanges radically. sometimes natural brown, sometimes purpley pinkish red.
Height6'1" barefoot.
Pet PeevesSqueegee ears (story behind that), other peoples feet and mouthes
Thoughts First Waking UpDamn the nation!
What's One Thing You've Regretted Doingmeeting someone
What's One Thing You'd Change About Yourselfeverything, but me? ha.
Most Embarrassing Momentreaching into my back pocket of my courdoroys and discovering I was not reaching into my pocket of my pants but had my hand in my pants.
Your Most Wild Non-Sexual Fantasiesif I were a Hilton, they'd go bankrupt!
Describe Yourself in One Wordfabulous
Favorite MovieHigh Fidelity
Favorite Short FilmRed Bean Bun
Favorite Songshhhhhhhh it is gonna be - Ani DiFranco - Used To You
Favorite Singer/Music GroupAni DiFranco/ Mindless Self Indulgence - some combination eh?
Favorite Actor/ActressJohn Cusack/ Johnny Depp
Favorite CandyChocolate is a girls best friend, unless you hate chocolate
Favorite Foodlets say chinesse
Favorite Drinkwater? alcoholic - mmmhard lemonade
Favorite Colorgreenish blue to dark blue maybe?
Favorite Weatherrain
Favorite Holidaynew years.
Favorite Place to Visita place in my head.
Favorite Restaurantyee's; but dont drink the water
Favorite Fast Food Restaurantdicks.
Favorite StoreBoo Radleys!
Favorite OutfitMy green baseball team tee that I got at a thrift store any pair of jeans, and shoes.
Favorite Classyoga.
Favorite Animalbirds are fun
Number of Siblingsone half sister.
Number of Piercings7, 3 in one ear, 4 in the other.
Number of Tattoos0
Number of Cdsayeee
Number of Pillows3 currently
Number of ShoesLast time I counted, 23, but that was in December, and I've bought more.
Number of Shirtstoo many
Number of Pets18; 17 birds and 1 dog who just so happens to be a dog that is bred to hunt birds.
Number of Sexual Partners2.
Number of Times You've Been Drunk This Yeartwice.
Have You...
Stolen AnythingI stole a pocket game thing that was my older cousins when I was 8.
Gotten Motion Sicknessyep. super round up at silverwood. never go on it twice in a row.
Been in Lovesure
Been Dumpedyep
Smoked CigrettesI have.
Drank Alcoholindeed.
Skinny Dippednope
Gone Camping/Hikinghell yes
Broken A Boneyep
Been To A Concerttoo many to count
Donated Bloodneedles scare me a bit.
Gone To All Your Classes For A Full Weekyeah
Watched Boundin'boundin?


I am a Wal-Mart hating, fun individual, that admits to picking her nose

hey and check this out - http://www.stoptheclock.org


UnBrand America